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Travelers vaccinations

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Routine childhood vaccinations against tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis and polio need to be repeated every 10 years.

In general, it can be said that those who travel to the Nordic countries, Western and Southern Europe, Canada, the United States and Japan do not have to worry much about serious diseases. However it does matter what the tourist is doing in these countries. People who are travelling in the nature may need to consider vaccination. Those who travel to countries outside these areas should consult with health care staff 2 to 3 months before starting a trip to assess whether there is a reason for vaccinations.

On the website of the World Health Organization, you can find detailed information about the spread of the diseases that can be vaccinated against.

There is also a user-friendly Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website that travelers can browse and enter relevant information to find out what vaccinations are needed.

Individuals pay for vaccinations themselves. You can see the tariff here.

On the live chat on this page, you can get advice on the vaccinations you need if you plan to travel. Travel and vaccination advice is selected in the health center's online chat, and then standard questions about the upcoming trip. Once all the information has been provided, the vaccination schedule will appear on my site in Heilsuvera, after three to five working days. A notification is sent when the plan is ready. When making the vaccination plan, previous vaccinations and length of stay are taken into consideration, among other things.

When the vaccination plan is ready you can call your health care center and book an appointment with a nurse to get the shots.